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The Cloth Collective

Are you ready to try out over 20 different types of cloth nappy by 7 Mum run small businesses?

The Cloth Collective are a 7 women from around the UK all with a similar passion - the passion to introduce more families to the joy that is cloth nappies. And to help those families succeed on their journeys and make product choices that work for them and their families.

This kit will be yours to use at home for 30 days, 30 days to find your feet with washable nappies. 30 days to get to grips with a wash and changing routine, and we're here to help you all the way - it's not that hard, we promise!

In addition to the nappies you will also receive informative leaflets which explains some of the jargon. What makes the nappy types different? How to fit reusable nappies. How to wash them - all curated by this great team of ladies.

The nappies that you will receive are:

- 8 pocket nappies in varying styles with various inserts
- 2 fitted night nappies
- 3 all in one nappies
- 3 all in two nappies
- loads of other inserts, and boosters including hybrid systems and prefolds
- 30 cloth wipes
- a couple of wet bags

There are over 60 pieces in this kit altogether.

This kit is designed from babies of around 10lbs to 37lbs.

How does the trial work?
The total fee charged by the website is £125.00, £100.00 of that is a fully refundable deposit. The £25.00 part of the fee covers postage to you, and the cleaning required in between hires.

The cost of returning the kit to us, is at your expense. Once the items are returned, we will check the condition and the itinerary and refund your deposit. Obviously we know these will have had poo and wee in them, so we're not expecting to retain pristine condition, but please take care of them,, losses and damages could be deducted from your deposit. Full terms and conditions can be found here.

What about after the trial?
Also included with your hire kit will be generous discount coupons to allow you to shop with your preferred cloth nappy brand or brands.

Will you help me?
Jus you try and stop me! That's the whole point. Any snags you have along the way, just ask.

Can I keep the kit?
No sorry, the full kit can not be kept, however you will find many amazing discounts with your kit!

This amazing set features cloth nappies from:

Binky Beaver


Contact us we may be able to find one in stock with one of our partners!